Kids Are First Preschool and Kindergarten

The Kids Are First curriculum is divided into four subject areas: Language Arts, Art Experience, Science & Math and Gym & Music. Children move with their class through the school with their class teacher. Each subject area is visited for a 45 minute period and the movement from one area to the next contributes to an overall balance. Each subject area is staffed by a specialist for that curriculum, so the children enjoy learning from many different teachers throughout the day. All subject areas are unique, but are integrated with coordinated lesson plans.

Language Arts

We invite the children to listen to stories, participate in discussions and use our computers. This class focuses on expressive skills such as speaking and writing along with receptive skills like reading and listening. We also introduce the children to Spanish as a second language.

Art Experience

All students are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of mediums in a free form style. This classroom exposes our children to a broad range of art materials in a creative and fun environment. Throuh Art Experience, the children develop many different skills such as fine and gross motors, problem solving, building self esteem and working together as a team.

Science & Math

We invite hands-on experimentation to challenge your child’s curiosity. Children will develop a keen awareness of the world around them while exploring physical properties, sets, spatial relations, as well as concepts of time, weight, volume, shapes and measurements.

Gym & Music

A child’s physical development is related to cognitive development. For example, work on a balance beam can improve a child’s ability to read! That is why we work with the children every day in physical education, body awareness, dance, music appreciation and group games.